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Washer/Dryer Rentals

We offer various

laundry appliances


  • *$27/mo
  • Full Size Washer
    • Top loading

    • Multiple washing cycles
    • Adjustable water level
    • Adjustable temperature selection
  • *$27/mo
  • Full Size Dryer (gas or electric)
    • Front loading
    • Multiple drying cycles
    • Adjustable temperature selection
Side by Side Washer & Dryer
  • *$35/mo
  • Side-by-Side Washer & Dryer
    • Full size washer and dryer set
Stacked Washer & Dryer
  • *$55/mo
  • Stacked Washer & Dryer (Gas or electric)
    • The perfect solution for a small laundry space
    • Has all the standard features
    • Easy to reach front rotary controls

*tax will apply where necessary.

Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual appliances will vary.

How to choose the right laundry equipment
Consider the space and layout of your laundry room. Some homes are set up for a

side-by-side washer and dryer configuration

, while others are set up for a

stacked washer-dryer set

Measure the space you have
Use a tape measure to determine the length and the width of the space where you will keep your washer and dryer. This will help ensure that you rent a laundry set that fits. Most standard washer-dryer models are about 25 to 28 inches wide each. Most stacked models are about 24 inches wide and range from 70 to 75 inches high.

Prepare for delivery of your laundry set
Before you rent, make sure your selected washer and dryer can clear doorways, hallways and other points of entry that will be used to deliver your laundry set. 

You will need:
  • A level floor with no more than a 1-inch slope
  • A location that can support the installation of a dryer exhaust system
  • Hot and cold water valves must be within three feet of washer installation location

Consider the power source
While with washers you may not have a choice, dryers are made in both electric and gas models. It is important to note whether your dryer will need to be powered by electricity or gas.

220Example Example of a 220V outlet used for an Electric Dryer
Gas Example of a gas line connection used for a Gas Dryer.
In addition to this connection, a standard electrical outlet should be near by.

If you live in an apartment or a condominium you may need to confirm with your leasing professional or landlord which option you need. 

Installation accessories

Standard dryer installation must include dryer exhaust duct, electrical cord as well as gas line. Gas shutoff is required directly behind the appliance. Hot and cold water lines are required for washers. Water valves (hot and cold) must be corrosive free and within 5 ft. of hookup. All hookups in the home must be up to date and standard. We may not be able to connect the appliance if the gas valve or water valves are not updated. For washing machine installation a drain that is at least 39" in height is required.

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