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Refrigerator Rentals

You may choose from a selection of categories:

  • *$27/mo
  • Available in Black $41/mo
  • 14-16 cu.ft.
    • Freezer on top
    • Non-frost operation
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Fresh food crisper drawers
    • Door storage
    • Fits most studio & 1 bedroom apartments**
  • *$32/mo
  • Available in Black $45/mo
  • 17-20 cu.ft.
    • Freezer

      on top
    • Non-frost operation
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Fresh food crisper drawers
    • Door storage
    • Fits most 1 or 2 bedroom apartments**
  • *$48/mo
  • Side-by-Side
    • Separate freezer and fresh food compartments side by side
    • Non-frost operation
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Fresh food crisper drawers
    • Door storage
    • Ice and water dispenser models available
    • Fits most 2 bedroom apartments or homes**

  • Now available in Stainless Steel.
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*tax will apply where necessary
**according to space restrictions. Side by side models available only on ground floor.
Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual appliances will vary.

Choose the right Refrigerator size for your home
The first step in finding the best refrigerator for you is to consider how much storage you need.

A large kitchen can accommodate a big refrigerator. Small galley kitchens require standard sized or smaller refrigerators.

The key metric to consider is cubic feet. The average refrigerator for a family of four varies from around 18 to 21 cubic feet. On average, young couples starting out can make do with 14 to16 cubic feet. However, if that young couple entertains frequently or plans to start a family immediately, a bigger refrigerator might make sense. In general, a larger family should consider a larger size, but if the family eats out a lot, a smaller unit may be sufficient.

The other dimensions to consider are the refrigerator's width and height. Typical top-freezer models are around 68 inches tall and between 28 and 34 inches wide. Your refrigerator has to fit in your kitchen, so measure carefully. And don't forget to measure the size of your doorways as well as any hallway to make sure
delivery and installation
go smoothly.

What about refrigerator handle options? 
Most standard


models allow you to place the door handle on either side, so when the door opens it can swing to either the left or the right. When deciding on which direction the door should open, consider what is on both sides of the refrigerator; you want it to open fully and not block anything or hit furniture or cabinetry. 

When deciding on the side for the handle placement, envision yourself standing in front of the refrigerator. 

Side-by-Side Models
Models with the freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other give you a fair amount of freezer space. However, the interior space of the refrigerator in these models tends to be smaller and narrower. So, if you order a lot of takeout pizza for example, it may be harder to store the oversized box in the fridge. 

If you choose a

side-by-side refrigerator

with an
ice and water dispenser
, you will need to make sure you have access to a water line from behind the refrigerator for the water connections. We offer installation of a water filter kit for an extra charge. 
Since Side-by-Side refrigerators can measure up to 36” in width, they are not recommended for delivery on upper floors. Please make sure to have the dimensions of your installation space available for us.

Call us  toll-free (800) 414-1776 to speak to one of our rental specialists or order your appliances online and our professional installers will be on their way. 

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